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Shisha to go!

Big puffs available in the European Union.

Even 10K puffs.

10 + 1 free. Ask your sales representative.

Aroma King

is a Polish brand that successfully conquers international markets. In our portfolio you will find, among others vapors, flavor cards and capsules, and nicotine pouches.

We are present, among others in Great Britain, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Austria, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Croatia, France, Italy, Lithuania.

Symetricus Sp z o. o.

is the producer of Aroma King. We are the owner of three production plants - in central Poland and in Silesia. If you want to create your own brand, contact us. We will provide you with the highest standard of service and the best products on the market for your customers.


You always come first. At Aroma king, we are aware that our success is due to a better understanding of customers needs and expectations, so we make every effort to ensure that you receive the highest level of support and service from us.


At Aroma King, we are committed to continuous development, which is why our quality improvement programme has no end. Our expert team is still trying to get the best out of creative ideas and the latest technological discoveries.


We are big enough to meet global demands and at the same time flexible enough to not create unnecessary procedures and bureaucracy. You always get what you need in the shortest possible period of time and without any extra effort on your part.

I have had the opportunity to try all Aroma King disposables and I can say with my heart that there are no better ones?

Finally feel the real flavors?


I fell in love with this product because it has an amazing smell and delicious taste! Nobody will come back to regular cigarettes anymore, but will become addicted to trying newer and newer flavors! I recommend


The product remarkably reflects the taste and aroma, which I have not seen so far, in addition, the nicotine strength of 20 mg is perfect (not too strong, not too weak). One of the most amazing things is the simple but effective appearance of the device itself and the simplicity of use :)


What I value most about Aroma King vaporizers is that I can smoke freely in public places and I don't feel embarrassed, even when I take it out of the gym. The aromas are very efficient, you can easily smoke and share the whole party with one e-cigarette.


I totally recommend it! Fruity flavors are impossible to imitate? I fell in love with banana ice and watermelon ice? stroke!


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